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Exercise Classes

"Trafford Leisure group Exercise Classes at Trafford Leisure are a great way to make friends and get fit at the same time."

Our programmes are varied and are designed to keep participants motivated in group setting.

All our instructors are certified and committed to providing a high quality, innovative and exciting class in a safe and effective environment.

A few tips to help you make your class more enjoyable:

  • Arrive early for your first session and speak to the instructor explaining any limitations you may have
  • Arrive on time for your class and stay for the cool down
  • Wear appropriate clothing and footwear
  • Bring water to drink throughout the class

Classes can be accessed through membership or you can pay and play for any class, but please note arriving late may prevent you from attending the session.

We have a variety of classes; Holistic/Body and mind, Toning and Strength, Aerobic, Aqua and Stay Active Sessions please see class descriptions for more information.