About Us

Swim Well is made up of two broad programmes, Lessons & Development and Pool Programme & Aquatics.

The extensive Swim Well programme that Trafford Leisure offers, has fast become one of the biggest and best aquatic activity programmes in the North West.Swim Well is constantly growing and evolving through the introduction of new courses and activities to 'wet' your appetite. Our diverse and stimulating programme has something for everyone - no matter what your age or ability.

The Swim Well brand is achieved through partnerships with the local community clubs and businesses as well as working closely with the National Governing body - the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA).Available under Swim Well currently are; parent and toddler classes, pre-school classes, adult and child swimming lessons, training and exercise workouts, amateur club swimming, aqua fit, casual swimming, perfomance swimming as well as much more...

Swimming is a lifetime sport that benefits not just your body, but your whole person. Swimming has some very unique benefits compared to other sports.

  • 30 minutes of steady paced lane swimming burns over 200 calories - that's over 400 calories per hour!
  • Pressure and resistance of the water makes your body work that little bit harder. 30 minutes activity in water is worth 45 minutes of the same activity on dry land.
  • The water takes your weight, so swimming can be a great activity for those who need low impact exercise - for example pregnant women or people with mobility problems who want to protect their joints.
  • Swimming works your whole body for all over toning.
  • Swimming is great for your heart. Because you are using your whole body your heart needs to pump blood to your arms and legs, helping circulation too.
  • It is great for lungs also - lane swimming in particular encourages you to breathe in a deep rhythmic way which can give your lungs a boost.
  • Being in water can have great psychological benefits too - the pool water can literally 'take you away from it all' as well as feeling refreshing, relaxing and liberating.

We have 5 centres currently that have swimming pools. Most benefit from having a large 25m pool as well as a smaller teaching pool, ideal for families and beginners.

Please click on one to view the individual pool programmes for each centre.

For anything to do with Swim Well please contact the centres Swim Well Manager.