Sail Fin


Sailfin was formed in 1976 by a group of able bodied people at Sale Leisure Centre; thier primary objective was to encourage swimming by the less able. The club depends entirely on volunteers and is affiliated to the Association of Swimming Therapy (AST). Fun and enjoyment is the weekly theme of all our meetings.

Sailfin helpers provide support and stimulating advice, in a safe water environment to those who are challenged physically, visually, hearing or have learning difficulties. The age of each person is irrelevant provided the applicant for membership obtains thier own doctors approval for taking part in water activities. We are fortunate in that Trafford Leisure support our venture by providing the pool with a water temperature suitable to our members needs.


Every Sunday between 10.30am and 1pm


Sale Leisure Centre, Braod Road, Sale M33 2AL - in the club pool.