Just Swim

Whether you like to swim before work, in your lunch hour or de-stress with a few lengths after work - Trafford Leisure operates 5 pools that provide casual swimming and lane swimming sessions at various points throughout the day. Each pool timetable is specific to the centre. Click on your nearest centre to see a detailed pool programme.

Swimming explained

Open swimming

This is an open session for any age or ability to come and use the pool. The pool is usually clear of lane ropes, unless requested.

Lane swimming

A similar session to the above however there are lane-roped sections of the pool available for people wishing to do lengths.

Adults only swimming

Lane-roped or casual swim sessions specifically for adults (over 18's) only. Ideal for nervous swimmers looking for a quieter environment to swim.

Women only swimming

Lane-roped or casual swim session specifically for women. These sessions are ideal for women who may be self conscious or who require a female only environment due to their religion or culture.


This is a session specifically tailored to the needs of pregnant women. It incorporates exercises that relieve stresses and strains on the body that pregnancy can sometimes cause without being harmful to you or your baby.

Baby Splash

These drop in sessions are available at all sites for parents who want to introduce their young children to the water and to learn basic swim skills with the peace of mind of knowing there are fellow parents around to share stories and ideas with.

Stay Active, Age Well Swimming

This is a open swim session available only to adults who are 50+.

Aqua aerobics

Our Aqua aerobics sessions are always popular and well attended. As well as giving the whole body a workout using the water as resistance, these classes are also great for anyone with mobility problems as the water puts less pressure on your joints.