Other Pool Activities & Sports

Trafford Leisure has a range of other exciting pool based activities to offer. Please see below for details.

Water Walkers Children's Parties

These huge 'bubbles' float on the water, step inside the bubble and race from one side of the pool to another, imagine a large scale hamster wheel and you wont be too far off! Hugely popular for private booking and pool parties. Water Walkers are only available at Stretford Sports Village. click here for more information

Pool Children's Parties

Children's pool parties are available at the following centres Stretford & Urmston, click the link for more information.

Pool Hire

All of our 5 swimming pools are available for private hire, click here to contact us or call your local centre for more information.

Pool & Aquatic Sports

A variety of pool sports such as water polo and synchronised swimming are available through our Develop Well programme. The Develop Well programme is a progression from our Begin Well lessons and allows people to enjoy a variety of water based activity in a club environment. Click here to head to our Develop Well section to see what sports and clubs are available.