1-2-1 Swimming Lessons

If you feel that you or your child would benefit from one-to-one tuition, these are also available at all of our centres.

This type of lesson is particularly beneficial if you are particularly nervous, or have a phobia of water. The qualified teacher is there, dedicated specifically to your needs.

1-2-1 lessons are ideal for those children who need that little bit of extra help to progress onto the next stage within the mainstream lessons. This can prove cost effective as a couple of 1-2-1's may reduce the number of courses needed.

1-2-1's are available to buy as a single session taster or in blocks of 3 or 5. They are incredibly popular though, so if you are interested Contact us now

**Although we always strive to provide your teacher of choice for 1-2-1's, this is not always possible**

"Jake fell into a pond when he was only very little, this made him incredibly scared of water. His dad and I were not able to get Jake into the swimming pool without him screaming and crying! The Swim Well teacher worked with Jake, even getting into the water with him for the first few times, to build his confidence and to get him to enjoy the water. Jake now loves his swimming lessons - it's the highlight of his week. Without those initial 1-2-1 sessions he would never have got over his fear." Mrs Grainger, Timperley.