Adult Swimming Lessons

Incorporated into our Begin Well programme, we have dedicated classes tailored to adults who want to learn to swim or who want to improve their swimming skills or fitness.


Whilst in this class, we aim to take people with a fear of water from non-swimmers, to having basic water confidence and develop the basic movement patterns to be able to swim 10 metres.


Once you've grasped the basics, why not continue to develop your swimming strokes to become a fully fledged lane swimmer. In this class we would look to introduce the different strokes, as well as some deep water skills such as treading water.


These are aimed at swimmers who can already swim, but who want to brush up on their style or fitness. All 4 of the strokes will be looked at as well as skills such as diving, sculling and underwater work.

Adult lessons are available at most centres - please contact your nearest centre for more information. Some 1-2-1 sessions are also available, for further info on 1-2-1's please visit our enquiries page.

"As I approached my 40th birthday I decided to learn to swim. I attended the adult swimming lessons at Partington Sports Village where the instructor Sue Balmer soon put me at my ease and I was in the company of others in the same position as my self. As the weeks progressed I asked Sue if she felt I would ever be able to swim and she said if I put in the effort not only could she teach me to swim but she believed I could pass my NPLQ the qualification needed to be a lifeguard. At this moment I couldn't swim one 20 metre length but Sue had gave me a challenge and I was determined to meet this. I progressed onto 1-2-1 lessons with Sue and this soon had me swimming up and down the pool, the lessons were really hard but I realise now Sue was pushing me to my limit something I would never have done on my own. Within three months of this intensive training Sue put me forwards for an NPLQ course where I learned all the skills required to be a lifeguard and six weeks later I passed the NPLQ. The inspiration of Sue was my main reason for continuing on with the training but as a father of two young children being able to enjoy swimming with them is fantastic. I would recommend swimming to anyone who can't swim and definitely recommend the 1-2-1 lessons, it's also a great way to keep fit" - Jon Francis, Davyhulme.