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If you feel your child is ready to enrol on swimming lessons but do not know which lesson is suitable for them, you can now book in for an assessment with a qualified swimming teacher.

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Terms & Conditions

1. PAYMENT a) The customer shall be responsible for the payment and any other charges to do with the booking. b) The customer shall not assign or sub-let the right to use the facilities and must only use the facility for the agreed purpose. c) Full payment will be taken at the time of booking for all activities via all major credit cards or debit cards. Amex is not accepted. d) The payment needs to be made at the time of the booking to validate the booking. e) The centre reserves the right to review prices and will notify customers within a minimum of 14 days notice of any changes. f) The customer shall be liable for any additional expenses incurred by the centre if any booking overruns. 2 RULES AND REGULATIONS OF BOOKING a) In order to make online bookings the customer will need to register on the Trafford Leisure website This requires them to have a valid email address to log-in with and a PIN number which members may obtain, in person, from any centre. Non members will be sent their PIN number by e-mail when they register for on-line bookings. b) Any customers who forget their PIN number can request a reminder through the on-line booking screen – members will also be able to get theirs in person from any centre. c)  Active Trafford pass holders can book online or at the centre d) Your booking is only confirmed when you pay in full for the activity, and you receive payment confirmation via email from the system. e) Members are only permitted to make ONE individual booking, per activity, and this must be for their personal use. Abuse of this regulation may lead to members being banned from making in advance bookings. f) Acceptance of your booking does not guarantee further bookings. g) To gain entry to the centre any customer who has booked & paid online for activities will be required to swipe their Trafford Leisure membership Card through the access control system or at the centre reception and bring e-mail proof of booking. h) At busy times, customers who fail to bring their e-mail confirmation may be asked to wait until the queue has gone through for confirmation of their booking to be made. If there is no evidence of the booking on the booking sheet then the customer will have to pay again if they want to be admitted. i) Management reserves the right to re-allocate any bookings to other courts or areas within the Centre in order to optimise space utilisation. 3 CANCELLATION OF BOOKING BY CUSTOMER a) Cancellation Terms & Conditions. Cancelling a booking must be done more than 48 hours in advance of the start time of the booked activity either on-line, via telephone or in person at the reception of the Centre of the booking. Credit vouchers will be issued for bookings cancelled within this timeframe. b) Credits for bookings cancelled less than 48 hours in advance of the start time of the booked activity will only be issued at the discretion of the Centre Manager. Any application for refunds in such cases must be made in writing and sent to the Centre Manager stating the details of the refund requested. c) If a customer wishes to cancel an on-line booking, they may make the cancellation on-line but will need to contact the Centre which the booking relates to, to arrange for a credit note to be issued. d) No refunds can be made on-line. e) No refund will be given for any booking made in person or via the online system should the customer fail to turn-up. f) No refund of membership fees will be made if a facility or activity booking is cancelled by the member. g) Failure to turn up for a booked activity may result in members receiving a dishonour charge or being prohibited from making in advance bookings in the future. 4. CANCELLATION BY THE CENTRE a) The centre reserves the right to refuse or cancel any booking without giving any reason, to refuse admission to the centre, to reject an application of membership and to withdraw membership. b) We can add to, change, withdraw or cancel facilities or activities from the centre without notice. This includes closing a centre or changes to its opening hours for safety reasons, maintenance or special events. Customers who book & pay online will be entitled to a refund if the centre withdraws the facility or activity. The payment will be refunded direct to the credit or debit card upon presentation of the web booking reference number at the centre from the confirmation email customers receive. c) No refund of membership fees will be made if a facility or activity booking is cancelled by the centre. d) The centre will not be liable for any other expenditure incurred or loss sustained by the customer arising from the booking online or cancellation. 5. RULES AND REGULATIONS OF USE (GENERAL) a) Set up and down of equipment may be undertaken during your booking time and is included in your booking payment. b) The following must not be brought onto the Premises without the written permission of the Centre Manager. > Crockery and glass > Electrical appliances > Pets (except guide dogs) > Food, drink or retail items c) Permission must be obtained from Duty Manager before taking any video or photographic images in the building. d) Appropriate clothing must be worn for all activities for example: > Outdoor shoes must not be worn on poolside. > Non marking soles must be worn in all activity areas. e) Customers shall keep all noise at a level which is acceptable and will reduce noise levels immediately if instructed by a manager. f) On arrival at, and departure of the centre, customers must show consideration towards local residents living near the centre, particularly during the evening. g) No customer shall grant sound or television broadcasting or filming rights without prior conditional consent of the management. The consent may impose conditions with which you must comply. h) The Trafford Leisure and third parties may carry out general filming and sound recording. Admission to the Centre signifies your consent to them being used in perpetuity and in all media without any rights to payment. i) You must park only in the designated parking places. j) Only cars displaying disabled badges may park in the disabled parking bays. k) Customers will leave booked areas clean, tidy and free from damage. 6. RULES AND REGULATIONS (CHANGING ROOMS) a) Any articles we find, including items left in lockers at the end of the day, will be removed. b) Clothing left in cubicles will be removed to lost property. (Items are KEPT FOR ONE MONTH BEFORE DISPOSAL.) 7. LIABILITY a) Trafford Leisure CIC accepts no responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, property or injury, illness or death, on these premises unless caused by its own negligence. 8. EMERGENCY PROCEDURES a) If the fire alarm sounds at the centre you must immediately leave the centre by the nearest available exit and meet at the assembly point and comply with any directions from Centre staff. b) You must report any accident, injury or damage immediately to the Duty Manager/Reception at the Centre. 9. DATA PROTECTION ACT a) Trafford Leisure is a data controller under the Data Protection Act. We hold information for the purposes specified in our notification made to the information commissioner. We may get information about you from others, or we may give information to them. If we do, it will only be as the law permits, to; i. Check accuracy of information ii. Prevent or detect crime iii. Protect public funds. We may check information we receive about you with what is already in our records. This can include information provided by you as well as by others such as government departments and agencies. We will not give information about you to anyone outside of the organisation unless the law permits us to do so. Additionally before agreeing to these terms and conditions ensure you have read the privacy policy, the link is at the bottom of the web page. 10. COMMENTS If you wish to speak to someone regarding the level of service, please talk to the Duty Manager immediately. All customers must comply with these terms for booking online & conditions of use, to have regard for the safety of, and behave considerately towards other customers, staff, the building and equipment. Any person not doing so maybe asked to leave the Centre and must immediately leave if asked. You are responsible for the behaviour of any children you bring to the Centre and must explain any relevant rules and conditions to them. You must comply with notices and signs on display in the centre.

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