Under 16's Lessons

Trafford Leisure has a vast learn to swim programme called Begin Well which caters for children aged 4 months to adults. Our main Begin Well lessons are structured to link with the ASAs Learn to Swim Framework. Detailed Syllabus' are available through the ASA, details are available at www.britishswimming.org.

We run lessons that cater for all 7 stages of the Learn to Swim pathway, delivered through classes distinguished by coloured caps. Begin Well lessons introduce children to a broad spectrum of co-ordinated movement in the water, moving through the 7 stages starting from non-swimmer through to Rookie Lifeguarding and Challenge classes!

The lessons run for 50 weeks of the year via courses that run in either 12 or 13 week blocks (we have a 2-week break over Christmas) and can be paid for per course, as an annual subscription or as a monthly direct debit. Contact your nearest centre now to find out when the next course starts - remember to book early so you don't miss out! Enquire here

**Due to the popularity of our lessons some levels and hats may vary and lessons are subject to availability depending upon the centre.