Aqua Fun & Syncronised Swimming

"When I swim I feel really tall, I feel free" - Lucy Bowes, aged 11 - Trafford Synchro Club

"I love synchro because its unique and such a mixture of loads of different sports, with so many different ways of doing things and experimenting" Jess Fletcher, aged 19 - Trafford Synchro Club

What is Aqua Fun?aquafun

AquaFun is a different aspect of the ASA's National Plan stages 8, 9 and 10. It is all about learning the basics of synchronised swimming - whilst having fun and building your water confidence. It's based on the popular synchronised swimming which is now an Olympic Sport.

Synchro is a hybrid form of swimming, dance and gymnastics, consisting of swimmers (either solos, duets, or teams) performing a synchronised routine of elaborate moves in the water, accompanied by music.

Synchronised swimming demands advanced water skills, and requires great strength, endurance, flexibility, grace, artistry and precise timing, as well as exceptional breath control when upside down underwater.

What are the basic moves?

The two most important moves that will be taught in AquaFun (that are vital in synchronised swimming) are:

  • Sculls are the hand movements that propel the body. They are the most essential part of synchronised swimming
  • Eggbeater is another important skill of synchronised swimming. It is a form of treading water that allows for stability and height above the water while leaving the hands free to perform strokes. Swimmers can also perform "boosts", where they use their legs to momentarily propel themselves out of the water to their hips or higher.

Currently AquaFun is available at Sale Leisure Centre, home of Traffords National Synchro Champions with more centres being available in WINTER 2010. For more information on how to book on, please contact Sale Swim Well Manager, Sale

For information on how to join Trafford Synchronised Swimming Club, please email  Head Coach Joanne Bean