'mini polo' and Water Polo

What is mini polo?


Mini-polo is a smaller, more basic game than water polo. Mini Polo has been introduced as part of stages 8, 9 & 10 of the ASA's National Plan. It teaches young players the basics of the full game. The rules are very basic, you just need a ball and a pool. You can use any space of water and turn it into a fun water ball game. Mini Polo courses are currently available at Stretford Sports Village, with other centre's hopefully soon offering it as an option. Mini Polo is a great way of getting everybody into the pool and having fun.

What is Water Polo?

The aim of water polo is pretty simple - you have to score more goals than the other team. Squads are made up of 13 players with a maximum of seven in the pool at any one time. The goalkeeper, who guards a goal measuring three metres by 90cm, is the only player who is allowed to touch the bottom of the pool. The key to success is quick passing and dribbling as teams only have 35 seconds in which to shoot after they have gained possession. Holding or pulling people under water, grabbing, pushing, eye-gouging or swimming trunk yanking are very common!

To play water polo you need to be very fit, strong and fast at swimming. Even when not involved in play, as you can't touch the sides or floor of the pool and must tread water. But there are enough players in a squad for every player to have a substitute to switch in for them whenever they want, as often as they need. For more information on joining a water polo team please email Stretford Sports Village Swim Well Manager or visit www.stretfordasc.org.uk for more information.