Family Memberships

For families Zest Health & Fitness offers our best value fitness membership giving 'Fitness Fun' for all the family.

The membership provides great opportunities for the family to work out in the gym, play rackets or swim together. Junior members over the age of 14 can also access all fitness classes. So why not try a new sport? Play badminton, Squash or table tennis as a family!

We provide monthly or annual payment plans for 2 adults and 2 children with the option of adding on additional children.

Start Up Plan

During the first visit, the whole family will be shown how to use the gym safely (Ready Steady Go - gym start up plan/induction) and a personal programme will be worked for each member so that you all get the most from workouts.

To enjoy the junior gym sessions you must be 11+.

Interested? Head to the Zest area and find out more about what Zest can offer you and your family.