Corporate Wellness Membership

Have you ever thought about taking our corporate wellness package and the benefits it will bring to your work force?

Research shows that people who lead an active lifestyle outperform their sedentary colleagues. They take less time off sick; they're less stressed and they're more productive.

Benefits are:

  • Less working time lost due to ill-health
  • Higher profits
  • More motivated and productive employees
  • Staff retention and enticement of new employees
  • Greater competitiveness
  • A happier healthier work force and work place

What do we need from you?

Simply a commitment to work in partnership with Trafford Community Leisure Trust to ensure by working together we can improve your workforce fitness, health and well being.

Notably, a significant percentage of the Times Top 100 Companies are running corporate wellness programs, which highlights the success rate of implementing such schemes.

Trafford Community Leisure Trust is offering a package which will help to reduce these largely unnecessary costs on your company. Our packages are tailor made to your requirements. The wellness programme we offer is unrivalled in price, versatility and excellence is guaranteed. We are keen to provide a safe, secure and enjoyable environment for employees to exercise and reach their goals.

Our Corporate Wellness Programmes can help your company profit

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