Zest Gym

All our gyms are fully air-conditioned and have a vibrant and friendly atmosphere. They offer a fantastic range of the latest exercise, cardiovascular machines, resistance machines, abdominal/stretch and free weight areas.

Each of our 6 leisure centres has a Zest Gym, Sale and Stretford also have Zest- gyms for under 16's and Stretford has a woman's only gym. George H Carnell has a unique Zest+ gym perfect for beginners and de-conditioned exercisers.

On joining our Gyms either as a full membership holder or a pay as you go customer you will undergo an initial induction/start up plan to help us devise an individual exercise plan most suitable to your requirements. Over the following months you will see your Zest fitness instructor regularly to ensure you are both happy and progressive with your goals. Throughout your time with us you can progress or change your programme in consultation with your Zest fitness instructor whenever you need a new challenge.

"All the Zest Gym Staff that have worked with me have been superb. They are always accommodating, approachable and very helpful. They have also been very keen to update and progress my fitness programme. I have lost a serious amount of weight over the past 3 years and although I attribute this to my hard work exercising and watching what I eat, none of it would have happened without the Zest staff, right through my weight loss journey!" Lewis Marsh, Withington Manchester.