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Families feel safer as Trafford Leisure celebrates 10 years of Baby Savers

Baby savers is a fantastic lifesaving awareness initiative led by Trafford Leisure and is celebrating its 10th year of community delivery. The ‘Baby Savers’ course is targeted at parents, grandparents and other members of the community, with an aim to provide these people with the essential tools that will enable them to save a baby if the unthinkable should occur.

The course was launched in 2005 by then Manchester United player Phil Neville, who was keen to support baby savers because of his own child. Phil Neville said at the time “This is a great initiative that will benefit everyone throughout Trafford. I am delighted to give this scheme my full support”.

The two-hour courses, which are held at Trafford Leisure facilities, cover aspects of what to do if a baby stops breathing, has no signs of life, is choking or has drowned. The sessions are led by fully qualified trainers and involve practical sessions. Fiona Buckley, Learning and Development Officer for Trafford Leisure says, “we are so proud of baby savers and what we have achieved over the past 10 years, the scheme is not a commercial entity but a social enterprise for the benefit of the community”.

Trafford Leisure has vast experience delivering a variety of courses including; water safety, lifesaving, Paediatric at work and first aid at work. Fiona continues by saying, “Since 2005 we have delivered at least 150 courses to around 4,000 people including local celebrities such as Jennie McAlpine (Fiz from Coronation Street), this is why it is important to mark this 10th anniversary and the achievements over this time. The Popularity of the courses has increased massively and in the last year we have doubled the amount of courses we have delivered in the last year. We have to remember that as with all lifesaving and first aid courses a little knowledge isn’t dangerous it can save a life and truly we are making families safer in Trafford!”

Mrs Brown, a Grandparent from Flixton recently attended a course has said, “ We was very impressed by the preparation, presentation, 1-1 teaching and encouraging atmosphere in which the session took place. The course was practical and has equipped us to deal with a variety of life threatening incidents as well as less serious events. All in all I would thoroughly recommend this course”.

Trafford Leisure offer the courses for a nominal fee, If you are interested in finding out more about Baby Savers or you want to attend a cou­rse please contact Trafford Leisure on 0161 826 3952 or email

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